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The $CHARGE Coin App/wallet for mobile users (iPhone, Android), the $CHARGE Coin node for EV charging stations, the $CHARGE Coin (CHARGE), and a collection of smart contracts currently broadcast on the BSC blockchain that connect all of these elements together into one entity make up the CHARGE platform. The phrases CHARGE and $CHARGE Coin are relatively interchangeable, just like Binance and Bitcoin are the same word for their platform and the denomination of the money they use.

Users of the $CHARGE Coin App have access to a private collection of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations, or EV charging Stations. The $CHARGE Coin App will display over 100,000 already-existing public charging stations on an easy-to-use map, in addition to the private network of EV charging stations. The app is useful to EV drivers even before a single EV charging station is built, thanks to the power of crowdsourcing, which began before $CHARGE Coin with the phenomena of free EV charging stations and will continue to grow in the near future on a mature blockchain environment.

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A mobile app aimed particularly for drivers of electric vehicles. The $CHARGE Coin App not only lets electric vehicle drivers find a public network of over 100,000 charging stations around the world, but it also helps them find a private network of EV charging stations that are only accessible to $CHARGE Coin and the CHARGE Coin App users. Within the CHARGE Coin App, all stations are displayed on an attractively laid-out map


The CHARGE Coin Wallet, like other cryptocurrency wallets, provides a visual interface between the user and $CHARGE Coin transactions within the platform's Binance smart contracts. The CHARGE Coin wallet is unusual in that it allows transactions between electric vehicle owners and electric vehicle charging stations. A second layer of the $CHARGE Coin Blockchain is now available in version 1.0, allowing for more advanced functionalities and atomic exchanges.


We will provide a staking platform where token holders can stake their tokens and earn 100% or more APY. Our staking platform allows crypto investors to stake their stake able PoS digital assets through our Dapps service that handles the technical aspects of the process. Platforms charge a fee for this service, which is usually a portion of the staking earnings. Staking options on the platform include Locked Staking, where your asset is locked for a specified amount of time, and staking in DeFi projects.


CHARGE takes pride in offering a simple, attractive, and secure way to trade electric vehicle charging time for $CHARGE Coin. The coin's simplicity comes from its usage of only the most basic information to record a transaction and initiate the charging process.

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How will the $CHARGE coin work?

Using BSC smart contracts, the $CHARGE cryptocurrency enables for simple energy distribution. It allows anyone in the world to lease their power and has a minimal barrier to entry. With the CHARGE platform, people will discover that making money from home is really simple.

The $CHARGE Coin powers the CHARGE platform. The $CHARGE Coin network's transaction vehicle is $CHARGE Coin. It serves as a store of value and can be traded for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges. As a result, the $CHARGE Coin can be exchanged for fiat currency and is thus regarded as a type of currency. The $CHARGE Coin is a cryptocurrency that is necessary to run the $CHARGE smart contracts. Nobody would be able to transact or use EV charging stations on the $CHARGE Coin network without the $CHARGE Coin. Once the Token is used to charge an EV, it will be burned.

The $CHARGE app accesses a database of all pre-existing charging places throughout the world and allows the motorist to identify a station within easy reach, in addition to developing more EV charging spots. If there are no commercial stations nearby, drivers are likely to find a monetised $CHARGE station where they can pay with their phone.

We'll form alliances with major EV charging station providers. CHARGE app will be the EV Charging of the Future. We're particularly proud of our ability to charge at a station without requiring a membership account. We built an algorithm that establishes a guest account for you and then allows you to use the specific Charging station. All of this occurs without the need for the user to intervene.

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What is $CHARGE?


Unlocking The Potential Of CHARGE COIN In Every EV Charging Station.

$CHARGE Coin is the first cryptocurrency to address the problem of locating an EV charging station and to establish a secure marketplace for the selling of electricity to electric vehicles developed by Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Kia, GM, and other major automakers. By releasing MVPs for the $CHARGE station discovery app, station node, and affiliate reward Program dashboard, $CHARGE is already delivering on their platform's goals. $CHARGE is a BSC standard token with 0% tax fee.

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To assist solutions surrounding electric vehicle charging, we're building a Crypto token based on distributed technologies like blockchain technology. Charging an Electric Car, unlike filling an ICE vehicle, increases the number of transactions between vehicle users and their energy provider. Charging will be available in a variety of new settings, including at home, on the road, and at any destination (e.g. workplace). These use-cases necessitate the development of a simple and effective charging session payment system, which includes the ability to make micro-transactions and rapid payments. 

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$CHARGE COIN addresses a problem that all electric vehicles face: dependably finding a charging station, wherever in the world, at any time. No ecologically conscious driver will ever have to worry about running out of power again because of the connection between homes and drivers. That's because anyone who invests in CHARGE can rent their electricity to the ever-increasing number of electric automobiles on the road. If you own a property, you can earn an extra $CHARGE Coin, and if you own an electric car, you can go wherever you want for less, Everyone wins!

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The concrete effect of a smart document on the BSC Blockchain is CHARGE. This ingenious text lays the groundwork for a global energy-sharing scheme to thrive and grow. CHARGE Coin LLC was established to act as a steward for the coin and its development community as it moves from a centralised to a decentralised market. CHARGE aims to become the Uber or Airbnb of electric vehicle charging and energy-time for money, without the need for a centralised organisation, by utilising the Binance Smart Chain platform and bringing it up to lightning speed with our unique Layer 2.



The driver uses the CHARGE Coin App's map feature to locate the nearest charging station and navigate to it.


When the CHARGE Coin App is used to activate the EV charging station, a signal is sent to the $CHARGE Coin smart contract seeking authorization to begin charging.


The driver can now leave the car charging because the desired charging time has already been specified. If the motorist wants to cease charging early, he or she just asks the CHARGE Coin App to instruct the smart contract to stop charging the charging station, and any escrow money is reimbursed.


Each party submits a review. The review system ensures that the bad apples are reported by the community, in addition to the simple beauty of riding on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.


The EV charging station has an ID number and a QR code, and when an electric vehicle driver arrives at the charging station marked on the map, he or she may simply press a button to start charging. The CHARGE Coin App also has a parking option for drivers who don't need to charge but only want to park.


When the blockchain receives the charge request, it sends the start signal to the EV charging station along with an escrow amount equal to the whole anticipated charge period, and charging begins.


The blockchain already has all of the data it requires to complete the transaction, including the charging station's fee per minute, the start time, and the end time. Escrow is released once the transaction is completed successfully, and any refunds due to the driver are given back to him. Simple.




Almost Instant 

$CHARGE transactions are completed in a matter of seconds and cost a fraction of a cent



A global, trustless, and leaderless Peer-to-Peer network is formed by $CHARGE validator nodes.



$CHARGE can scale to thousands of nodes and process thousands of transactions per second.



It is the decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen


Next-Gen DeFi 

Unlock a completely new way to trade decentralized. $CHARGE transactions are almost instantaneous and cost a fraction of a penny.


Token Token name – CHARGE

Ticker symbol – CHARGE 

CONTRACT ADDRESS - 0xe3dc4c6590f185cb2756c58ce53d2930e9033dbc 

MAX. TOKEN SUPP. - 100,000,000,000 


SOFTCAP- 300 bnb

HARD CAP – 1500 bnb


2.5% Team

5% Marketing

10% locked for exchange listing

30% Staking Reward

22.5 % Liquidity

30 % presale


How to buy $Chargecoin

Step 1. Create a Wallet

Download metamask or trust wallet. Make an account and set your recovery phrase

Step 2.

Buy BNB on exchange then withdraw BNB to your trustwallet or metamask

Step 3.

On the homepage of $Chargecoin click on buy button this will open pancakeswap. A popup will open, click the checkbox I understand, this will load $Chargecoin token into pancakeswap

Step 4.

Enter the amount of bnb or other coin you would like to swap for $Chargecoin. Click connect wallet, set the slippage and press swap

Congratulations now you are a holder of $Chargecoin. Enjoy your life with financial freedom


The Future

The CHARGE team has great ambitions for the future! You can trust the CHARGE team to invest the funds raised from this project in other projects that will benefit humanity. The CHARGE team has great intentions on the “hardware” side of things, in addition to enhancing the software capabilities of all areas of the $CHARGE Coin platform into a safe, fast, and stable ecosystem.

Tesla Contest


A brand new TESLA 3 worth of $40k Reward for the person who makes a tweet at ELON And receives a response or positive attention about $ChargeCoin from him

Our Partners


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  • Website launch

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Social media release

  • Green paper release ver. 1 

  • Presale on unicrypt 

  • Dextoll & Poocoin banner ads

  • Listing on coin gecko & coinmarketcap

  • Btok ads 

  • Billboard ads 

  • Staking pools 

  • Certik audit & security 

  • Test flight Android/IOS 

  • 5000 Telegram Members

  • 5000 Holders 


  • Eco system add-on token

  • Newspaper publications

  • Website Vers. 2

  • Video campaigns

  • First CEX Listing

  • First Partnership 

  • 15,000 Telegram Members 

  • 20,000 Holders 

  • $50 Million market cap


  • Mobile app launch

  • Debit card integration

  • Charge merchandise store

  • Eco-system enhancement

  • 2 Partnerships

  • 2 CEX listings (Top-20)

  • Charge website ver. 3

  • NFT Market Place planning 

  • 30,000 Telegram Members 

  • 50,000 Holders

2nd QUARTER 2022

  • 2 CEX listings (Top-10)

  • CHARGE STATION (NFT Market Place)

  • 2 partnerships

  • Charge new technology setup

  • NFT games development

  • 50,000 telegram holders

  • 100,000 holders

  • $200 million market cap


3rd Quarter 2022 - To be updated on Green Paper Ver. 2


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